Modern Calligraphy: An Intensive Practice Workbook


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Learn or improve your dip pen calligraphy skills with Kestrel Montes! Packed with over 150 pages of tips, technical information and lots and lots of practice!

I am excited to join you on your calligraphy journey! Whether you are hoping to pen your own wedding invitations, create a booming calligraphy business, or simply find a new hobby, this book will launch you into a successful journey with calligraphy.

Having been a career educator before becoming a professional calligrapher, teaching calligraphy is a blend of my two lives. It’s thrilling to see other people find as much joy in this not-lost art as I have and I hope you will share your work with me on Instagram.

When I first started calligraphy, I was simply trying to copy what I saw online. I watched the gorgeous videos on Instagram and tried to do it myself. That worked minimally but I struggled and got frustrated. It was definitely harder than it appeared! Sometimes I couldn’t get the nib to even write, my paper would bleed and the letters didn’t look anything like what I saw or imagined. I wondered how people were doing it and almost gave up more than once!

Determined to discover the hidden tricks, I kept digging through the Internet, messaging people on Instagram with questions (often times not getting responses) and buying books. Little by little, I figured it out!

In Modern Calligraphy: An Intensive Practice Workbook, I have compiled all the information I wish I had had when I was getting started! My ultimate desire is to help you find much more enjoyment than frustration from this beautiful art.

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