about us

We are Francisco and Kestrel Montes. I am a calligrapher, font designer and stamp maker. Francisco is the craftsman behind the gorgeous handmade calligraphy holders (which he started making just for me because I find thin pens uncomfortable). 

Located in Santa Rosa, we both work full time out of a 600 square foot workshop next to our home. I feel incredibly blessed to share my love for calligraphy with you through stamps, fonts, practice sheets, handmade pens and, of course, ink to paper calligraphy projects. 

I would personally like to acknowledge a few of the people who have been my inspiration during this journey. The list is long, but some key players have been: Lindsey Bugbee (the reason I picked up a pen), Nina Tran, Pat Blair and Michael Sull (my formal calligraphy teachers), Chris Jemmings (the resin magician behind our holders), Laura Worthington (my font licensing mentor), Debi Sementelli (a font guru) and my behind-the-scenes friends Joanna Krupnick (star modern calligrapher) and Carmela Heintzelman (letterpress artist). I would encourage you to check all of these amazing people out!

I still pinch myself that I actually get to do this full time! I'm in my own little heaven with a messy bun and inky hands. Please reach out via email or Instagram to say hello!

Thank you so much for joining us!
Francisco & Kestrel Montes




"I was so nervous to hire a calligrapher for our wedding envelopes. Would they be pretty? Would they be done on time? Would they match my expectations? I searched and fretted for months. Then I came across Kestrel. She was kind and helpful to work with during the planning and then the envelopes came and... Wow!! I'm in love!"      - Camille H.

"I had a great experience with this shop. The seller was prompt and friendly, and stamp is great! I plan to buy more as gifts in the future!"     - Gidget L.

"My stamp came out beautifully and the seller was a pleasure to work with - quick and thorough responses. It was a breeze to get a perfect custom design! Thank you so much! It is the highlight of my mailings!"     - Sarah C.

"I am new to calligraphy and have been using an inexpensive thin oblique.  In just the few minutes I have had to play around with my handmade oblique holder, the difference is unmistakable. I think I may just name her. Have a wonderful weekend guys and don't be surprised if you both see my name on a few more orders!"    - Linda R.