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I share all the tips I wish I had known when starting!
 Modern Calligraphy is the perfect book for those who want to dive into the world of gorgeous modern calligraphy lettering. Learn about the tools, techniques, and tricks of pointed dip pen calligraphy then dive into a step-by-step intensive guide to practicing a gorgeous modern calligraphy script worthy of greeting cards, social media posts and wedding invitations. A beautiful book packed with color images, helpful information, and tons and tons of practice!

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From amazing little tips and tricks to the methodical guided practice, Kestrel shares extensive knowledge to help her readers avoid common pitfalls and learn to intentionally study the script. It is one of the most honest and down to earth instructional calligraphy books I have read!  — Marisa Jackson, Calligrapher @marisamade

I love Kestrel’s approach in her guidance through this workbook. She doesn’t skimp on the fundamentals that are so important for a successful start to learning modern calligraphy. She’s well-versed in her craft and it shows.  — Peggy Dean, Author & Art Educator @thepigeonletters

Kestrel’s book is essential for anyone interested in learning or refining their calligraphy skills. She has included an abundance of information that goes in depth from the basics to creating gorgeous and elegant phrases. She incorporates many helpful tips that are often overlooked in other learning material. This beautifully designed workbook is everything you ever needed. — Chrystal Elizabeth, Letterer & Author @chrystalizabeth

Kestrel breaks down each lesson and makes calligraphy approachable and attainable by all. It’s perfect for all proficiency levels from experienced calligraphers to those who have never picked up a pen. It takes you back to traditional basics and encourages you to master the details which improve your craft.  — Joanna Krupnick, Calligrapher @ordershewrotenyc

When Kestrel calls this an “Intensive Practice Workbook”, she means it!  Whatever questions you might have, are answered with her thorough attention to detail. From nib preparation to letter connections to custom ink mixing, you’ll walk away with a strong foundation to begin or improve your pointed pen calligraphy. — Carol Cho, Lettering Artist @carolicitydesigns

Beautifully written from beginning to end with details, tips, guidance, and illustrated examples. Kestrel does an amazing job covering difficult topics and questions to make it less intimidating to start using dip pen. — Shelly Kim, Lettering Artist @lettersbyshells