Gum Arabic


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Gum Arabic-calligraphy supply-Ink Me This

Gum arabic is made from the sap of the acacia tree. There are multiple ways to use gum arabic for calligraphy inks.

Improves viscosity: Add a few drops to your ink to thicken it, reducing bleeding. Can be helpful if trying to use fountain pen ink or food coloring with a dip pen.

Bonding agent: Mix with gouache or powder pigments as the bonding ingredient (so that the ink doesn't wipe away after the water evaporates).

Decrease cracking: This is aimed at white inks like Bleed Proof and Kuratake Zig. As these are thick inks, dilute them with water and gum arabic.

• natural gum arabic for calligraphy
• 1 30 ml bottle
• glass bottle with dropper

• As this is made of tree sap, it is sticky. Wipe rim of bottle before replacing cap to avoid future sticking.

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