Calligraphy Pen Holder: Lavender Fields

Hand-crafted calligraphy pen holder as pretty as the art you will make with it!

• The slightly thicker tulip grip helps reduce hand fatigue and cramping
• Approximately 6", 15 grams (1/2 ounce)
• Nib included

• Individually lathe turned by Francisco of INKMETHIS, giving you a writing tool that is also a unique handmade piece of art.
• Carved from wood and/or resin blocks custom cured and poured for INKMETHIS by a local California artisan. You receive a handmade pen made from handmade materials.

• Each flange is individually adjusted to the geometry of the specific pen. Proper flange alignment increases ink flow and reduces snagging.
• The flange will fit all pointed nibs (Blue Pumpkin, Brause EF66, Hunt 101, Nikko G, Leonardt Principal EF, etc.). 
• Learn more about flange adjustment

• By default, the flange will be set right handed oblique.

• If you prefer a straight or left-handed oblique holder, please email for a custom listing (no extra charge)

• Comfort is important! This journey started when Francisco made pens specifically for Kestrel who finds a thin grip uncomfortable. However, every hand is different and a holder needs to feel good to YOU. We happily accept returns if you do not find your pen to be a comfortable fit in your hand. Please see the INKMETHIS policies.