Calligraphy Nib Variety Set

Ink Me This

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Part of learning calligraphy is finding the right nib. This set is designed to offer a range of nibs to let you try the most popular options used by beginners and pros alike. You will most likely find that they are all fabulous depending on the style you want to create and the ink and paper you are using for your particular project.

• 1 Nikko G nib (firm)
• 1 Tachikawa G nib (firm)
• 1 Hiro 111 Extra Fine nib (firm)
• 1 Brause Steno "Blue Pumpkin" (medium)
• 1 Brause Extra Fine 66 (flexible)
• 1 Brause Rose (flexible)
• 1 wood nib box to keep them all tidy

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