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This calligraphy ink stirrer is going to change your life! You will now dominate metallic inks (even real shimmery pain-in-the-butts like gold mica!). And your white will stay smooth and opaque. And your Pearlex will be a breeze to concoct! You won't know what you did without it (like how did we survive before the microwave?).

• Small footprint won't crowd your desk (under 5” square)
• Accommodates any size ink jar. Heck, use a mason jar if you want! (Max volume 1.5 Liters)
• Plugs in. No need for batteries. (US plug only but my friends abroad can use an adapter.)
• Dip right in while stirring. Even if your nib hits the magnet, it will start back up again.
• Light and compact for easy travel.
• Pretty design in classy color combo (my favorite: gray, white and brushed gold... matches my new kitchen).
• 2 magnetic stir bars included (compatible with all stir bars up to 30mm long)
• Variable speed setting (dial adjusts 100-1500 rpm)
• Quiet operation
• One year factory warranty
• Industrial quality made by scientific lab equipment manufacturer. (Read as “be as badass of a calligrapher as you want and you won’t wear it out”)

| orders should ship the first week of January |

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