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Calligraphy Business Mentoring-Ink Me This

People message me all the time to say they are so jealous that I have turned what I love doing into a money-making machine that supports a beautiful home in the wine country and five kids (3 in college!!). I get it. I pinch myself every single day. But if I did it, you can too!! Cuz, let me tell you, there's nothing particularly special about me. I'm just a girl with a ton of drive. I have made mistakes and struggled to get here. The great news is that I can save you from making some of the same mistakes!

When I started my calligraphy business, I really wish someone could have saved me countless hours on Google that really just left me with more questions than answers. Now that I've built my business into a strong six figure income, I love sharing what I learned along the way! 

Here is a little about the variety of my success since launching in 2014:
- Almost 60,000 sales on Etsy (3 shops)
- Close to 5,000 font sales on Creative Market
- Over 10,000 sales on Amazon
- Over 6,000 sales on this website (I use Shopify as my host)

I still manage all of those sites along with my husband and one employee out of our 600 square foot shop. So, what are we waiting for? Let's get you rolling! 

Not that we can cover it all right away, but some potential topic ideas include:
1) Transitioning from hobby to hustle
2) Getting yourself noticed 
3) Building a recognizable brand  
3) Pricing and contracts
5) Photographing sample work
6) Corresponding with clients
7) Becoming a legit business
8) Developing other calligraphy-related revenue streams
9) Selling on Etsy and Amazon
10) Website building and SEO
I recommend making a list of questions and prioritizing them. You will guide how we spend the time based on what would help you most right now.

To get started, purchase one or the discounted 2 hours. In the order notes list 3-4 days/times that work well best for you. I will compare my calendar and email you within 24 hours with a date for our Zoom meeting.


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