i'm kestrel montes

I can't wait to design breathtaking details your guests will remember forever!
I use calligraphy to create treasured keepsakes for your beautiful life moments. Tell me about your project needs and event date, show me your Pinterest board, or give me a brief description of your ideas.

Leave your clients enchanted as they watch their special words come to life in beautiful calligraphy. Perhaps you have a new product launch or you simply want your store to make an lasting impression. Elevate your event with live calligraphy or hand engraving. My tools are compact and quiet.
calligraphy $125+ per hour
engraving $150+ per hour

Waaaay more fun than a Tupperware party or another team building exercise!  Host a calligraphy workshop with your friends or your employees. I'll come to you with all the supplies needed.

There is something so memorable about the handmade nature of calligraphy. Available in a variety of styles and endless ink colors. Serving anywhere and everywhere, writing on all surfaces.
envelopes $4.50+
placecards $2.50+
signage $65.00+

Adding a hand lettered element transforms your pretty paper goods into stunning treasures. Calligraphy, unlike a computer font, will always be as unique and special as your event. Whether you want the whole invitation in calligraphy or just a few words, calligraphy adds a stunning design detail.
invitation design $450+
monogram/logo design $275+
calligraphy elements (spot) $125+

Located in the the Northern San Francisco Bay Area in the heart of Sonoma County and serving special days around the world.

Prices as of June 2019