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SuzCunningham Rapid Liner


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The perfect solution for addressing envelopes that don't allow the use of a light pad!

Suzanne Cunningham asked Kestrel to make her a template based on her envelope guidelines. If you are familiar with Suzanne, you know she has one guide sheet she uses for any and all envelopes. She was attempting to address her daughter's white wedding invitations but the gold lining was preventing the use of the light pad. While Suzanne knows she can use a laser, she really prefers the precision of having both a baseline and a waistline. After making one prototype for Suzanne to test and use, we decided the calligraphy world needed these too!

• can be used on any size envelope or for short quotes
4 mm x-height 
• 6 mm number height 
• 55 and 52 degree slant option
• 2:1:2 ratio with overlapping lead
• credit card thickness die cut metal
• made of metal to prevent the thin strip for the number line from flexing as your pencil runs across it (to be strong enough, plastic would have to be too thick)

• For easy erasing and to prevent scoring of the paper, allow your pencil to lightly glide across the envelope with no pressure applied
• For dark envelopes, use a white lead sewing pencil
• Make sure your ink is dry (then wait even longer just to be sure!) before erasing
• Use a soft eraser such as a kneaded eraser or a polymer eraser

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