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Engraving Guideline Washi Tape


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INKMETHIS Engraving Guideline Tape not only provides quick and easy lines for precise engraving layouts, it also creates a slight resistance to the bur while engraving, giving better control of your lines by eliminating some of the "slipperiness" of the bur.

Guideline washi tape is perfect for quickly adding uniform lines to your calligraphy engraving items. Easily add guide lines to any surface!! No more battling wet markers or stubborn pencil shadows.

Apply the tape straight or at an angle and you have instant straight lines even on a curved surface! Write on the tape with a pen or pencil (or just use the lines to freehand your engraving), remove tape, clean up any lines if desired.


  • 15mm wide, 10 meters of tape (about 32 feet)
  • 55 degree slants
  • 5mm line spacing with midpoint mark (so easily write at 2.5mm, 5mm, 7.5mm, 10mm, etc.)
  • Use just one row of tape or stack multiple rows to create a longer "guide sheet"
  • Safe of any surface
  • Engrave directly through the tape
  • Draft on the tape with pencil or any pen or just freehand the engraving

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