5 Pointed Pen Nibs: Hunt 512

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Pros: The Hunt 512 is super fine and quite stiff. It is easy to manage (user-friendly, good for beginners). It's great when you want a sleek look as the downstrokes are subtle. It's also a great nib to use for block printed addresses.

Cons: Not ideal if you want lots of contrast between downstrokes and upstrokes.

Note: I also sell a variety set that comes in a convenient storage tin if you want an easy one-stop-shop way to try out multiple nibs or give a gift.

Nib Care:
1) Clean new nibs to remove protective oils. Even finger oil from touching them is enough to keep the ink from sticking. Use Windex, Clorox Wips, Dish Soap... think "How do I get a little oil off something gently?" (I do not recommend the potato or fire methods as they are very hard on nibs or risk bending the tines.)
2) Rinse nib and dry with paper towel or cloth periodically during use to avoid ink drying on the tines and prohibiting good ink flow.
3) Take care not to bend the tines. If they no longer match up perfectly at the tip, it's time to toss the nib. For that reason, store them in a tin not lose in drawer or pencil bag.
4) Clean and dry well at end of each writing session.

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