Handmade Oblique Calligraphy Pen: Abalone Shell

Ink Me This

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This oblique calligraphy pen will take you to the tide pools and frigid waters of the Pacific coast! Enjoy the art of pointed pen calligraphy with this hand-crafted nib holder made by Francisco.

• Hand turned acrylic calligraphy pen holder
• Shimmering teal mint with swirls of black
• Thicker grip for reduced hand fatigue (similar to a Crayola marker)
• Proper flange angle to increase ink flow and reduce snagging (there is a geometry to calligraphy pens that matters just as much as their beauty)
• Handmade: Each will be slightly different giving you a unique pen

• For pointed pen nibs, see "lettering supply" section

• If you need the flange inserted for left-handed writing, please leave a note on your order during checkout

* Yep, this is our new version of Abalone Shell. Different than before, still as lovely as always.

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