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Easily add slant lines to any paper!! This calligraphy stencil is designed to make transforming any paper to calligraphy-ready paper a breeze. 

Made of thin and flexible plastic, the Guide Maker slips between the pages of your notebook for easy transport and will not snap if bent (be nice to it, of course).  The transparent plastic allows you to see the placement of your lines and ensure proper squaring and alignment.

Draw as many guidelines as you want to the paper by simply sliding the Guide Maker over (use the grid ruler to ensure you stay square) and add more slant lines with the 6 stencil cutouts.

•  8.5" x 11" stencil
•  55 degree slant guide
•  52 degree slant guide
•  4mm x-height at 2:1:2 ratio
4mm x-height at 3:2:3 ratio
•  5mm x-height at 3:2:3 ratio
•  Oval stencils at 8mm, 10mm and 12mm
•  Centimeter ruler
•  1" transparent ruler with 1/8" grid

• Made of transparent acrylic for easy placement

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