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NOTE: This lising is only for informational purposes so you can provide me with your order details when purchasing the INKMETHIS Calligraphy Engraver as part of an online course bundle.

Please reply to your email with the following information:
COLOR CHOICES: Gold, Silver, Rose Gold
FONT OPTIONS: See photo, you may mix up to two fonts. Proof will be provided upon request.
PERSONALIZATION: Text for personalization (i.e. name and subline)
CUSTOM LOGO FILE: If you wish to personalize with your own logo or writing, please provide a high/large quality .pdf, jpg or .ai file. No proofing as you are sending the art but we will let you know if it cannot be engraved as provided.


Professional freehand calligraphy engraver modified for me, Kestrel Montes, according to my own desires in a professional engraving tool (also tested by professional engravers Nina Sandelin and Jody Meese). Perfect for glass, metal, stone, at home use, or on site brand activation event engraving.

The NUMBER ONE question I get about calligraphy engraving is “What tools do you use?” I always want my tools to be high quality, high function, and aesthetically pleasing. Well, friends, I’m super excited to finally bring you a professional quality engraver that meets all of my own desires!

It was also important to me to package the engraver with everything you need to be able to get started. No need to figure out which collet reducer fits this machine or which burs. You can open the box and start engraving!

• Everything I wanted in a professional level engraver!!!
• Personalized with your name or logo
• Brushless motor for no vibration (CRUCIAL!! Means less tiring on your hand)
• 35,000 RPM (most battery models max out at 30k)
• Rechargeable with looooong lasting battery (8-10+ hours)
• 100-240V charger
• Comfortable handpiece with contoured grip
• Lighter handpiece for less fatigue (156g)
• Quick twist collet release
• 3/32” Collet to fit many burs
• INCLUDES 1/16” reducer to fit the other most common size bur
• INCLUDES 10 diamond bit ball burs in two sizes
• Variable speed adjustment & quick pause button
• Two direction rotation (some lefties may prefer counter-clockwise)
• Quiet operation for in-store use
• Small and portable
• Simple & clean aesthetic
• Specially modified INKMETHIS Edition of the Mystisa 2 by RAM
• One year manufacturer's warranty 

Thumb micro-motor sold by Treeline $325 (not a brushless motor, only 30,000 RPM and you have to buy the 1/8"-3/32" and the 1/8"-1/16" reducers separately for an additional $15 each, includes no burs, handpiece weighs 170g)
• Foredome sold by Rio Grande $350 (not a brushless motor, only 30,000 RPM and you have to buy the 3/32"-1/16" reducer separately for an additional $15includes no burs, handpiece weighs 208g



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