Modern Calligraphy; The Tricks Revealed (May 25)


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In this class, we'll cover allllllll the things you need to know to be successful instead of cursing!! Aside from learning the modern calligraphy script featured in my book, we'll cover a long list including: getting the dang nib to work right, how to properly adjust the flange, what nib to paper angle is best, mixing custom inks, tricks for using crappy paper when you have to, and so much more. We will of course practice writing a modern calligraphy alphabet but, more importantly, you will leave feeling confident using the tools!!

I got so frustrated when I bought my first dip pen. Why couldn't I do anything I was seeing?! How come the ink wouldn't even stay on the nib? Why don't my "thin" lines look that thin? What the heck is gum arabic? Why is the ink bleeding so much? How do I get the nib to glide across the paper instead of digging in and making a big splatter mess? What am I supposed to do with this goopy white ink that everyone thinks is awesome?

Not to worry! There are definitely tricks to all of this. And I can teach you!! (No, really! I can teach! I have a masters in education and taught high school and college before quitting the day job to be a full time calligrapher.) By the end of the class, you will no longer be cussing your way through practice sessions. Instead, you will be friends with all your supplies and just be able to focus on practicing your beautiful writing.

Here's an overview of what we will cover (not necessarily in this order):

  • The difference between pointed nibs and how to pick the right one
  • Preparing new nibs and when to toss them
  • Why oblique holders are your friend (even though they look scary)
  • How to evaluate a "good" pen (just because it costs $200 doesn't mean it works well)
  • How to adjust the flange for different nibs
  • Holding the pen at the proper angle and rotation for smooth writing
  • The "basic strokes" and why they matter so much (hint: we'll use them to make lower case letters)
  • Best ways to practice
  • Which inks work best for calligraphy
  • How to use watercolor as calligraphy ink 
  • How to practice when you can't deal with a jar of ink (you will now relish your three hour wait at the DMV!)
  • Where to buy calligraphy supplies and good paper
  • What makes a good calligraphy paper
  • Tricks for using bad paper (because sometimes you don't have a choice)
  • How and when to use gum arabic

| WHEN |
• Saturday, May 25
• 9:30 am - 4:30 pm (we'll break for lunch, multiple options within walking distance)

•  Fiber Circle Studio, Cotati
• Located about 45 minutes north of San Francisco in the Sonoma County wine country. Make this workshop an excuse for a weekend get-away!
• Room for only 8 participants so you will get lots of attention and interaction

• All needed supplies will be provided and are yours to keep so you can continue to practice your newly acquired skills at home.
• Jar of ink
• Variety set of popular pointed pen nibs
• Rosewood oblique calligraphy pen holder
• Set of Modern Calligraphy practice pages printed on calligraphy quality paper

 *** Really want to learn: Go ahead and also sign up for Copperplate Calligraphy: Beginners (June 8) The Tricks Revealed class gives you all the skills you will need in order to start your Copperplate journey.

| FAQs |
• Do I have to bring anything? Nope. I will provide everything you need. You may just want to bring a friend along with you for a fun play-date (or come alone and meet some new friends).
• If I have horrible handwriting will I be able to do this?
 Yes! Calligraphy is very different from handwriting. In fact, we are going to throw everything you learned about cursive out the window. I don't have particularly nice handwriting myself either.
• Can a lefty do this? Absolutely! There are some very talented left-handed calligraphers out there.

•  My formal career training is in teaching (I have a master's degree in education and used to teach Spanish and math at a local high school and junior college). This background gives me the pedagogical knowledge to structure the workshop for best learning. I am a self-taught calligrapher who then received formal training from four highly skilled calligraphers. I love combining those two interests into teaching modern calligraphy to others who want to enjoy this fun and popular hobby!

• Please ensure you can attend the specified date/time. As the venue location will be secured based on registration numbers, no refunds/cancellations will be granted. If you are unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances, you may transfer your attendance to a willing friend (please arrange with me via email in advance).
• Minimum attendance 5 students


By registering for the workshop you agree to the below terms, which form a binding legal contract between Kestrel Montes and the registered attendee. If applicable, by purchasing registration for another participant, you attest that s/he is aware of and agrees to the below terms.
• EVENT FEE: Any additional costs such as travel or meal expenses are not included in registration and shall be born by the attendee.
• PHOTO RELEASE: By participating in the workshop, you acknowledge and agree to grant inkmethis the right to capture and use your image without any further approval from you or any payment to you.
•  EVENT CONTENT: The contents and materials used in the workshop are the sole intellectual property of Kestrel Montes. Workshop materials are for personal use by the attendee and may not be redistributed in any manner. Attendees may not record audio or video of the workshop session.
•  PARTICIPANT REQUIREMENT: Participants should be at least 14 years old. Please do not bring children/babies with you to the workshop.

•  TERMS OF USE: By purchasing workshop registration, you agree not to sell, trade or transfer your ticket without prior approval by Kestrel Montes.
• PAYMENT: Payment in full is due upon registration.
• REFUNDS/CANCELLATIONS: Requests for refund will not be granted. In the event that Kestrel Montes must cancel the workshop, an alternate date or full refund will be offered.
• DISCLAIMER: The workshop content and materials are provided on a "as-is" basis. Kestrel Montes gives no warranties in respect of any aspect of the workshop.

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