Calligraphy Gift Set

Ink Me This

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The perfect gift for that special someone (including yourself!) who has always wanted to dive into the art of pointed pen calligraphy. This calligraphy set includes a real wood calligraphy pen, a full collection of popular nibs, black and white calligraphy ink, and a black paper dot journal! Get ready to create!

• 1 real wood straight calligraphy pen with universal metal nib holder
• 1 Glass Inkwell with lid, holds about 1 teaspoon of ink
• 1 Nikko G nib
• 1 Tachikawa G nib
• 1 Hiro 111 Extra Fine nib
• 1 Brause Steno (aka Blue Pumpkin)
• 1 Brause Extra Fine 66
• 1 Brause Rose
• 1 wood nib box to keep them all tidy
• 1 Wood nib box
• black ink  ***now comes with Kuratake sumi ink 60mL
• white ink  ***now comes with Kuratake white ink 30mL
• Black page dot journal (84 pages with three sample alphabets)

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