product recommendations

I sell some of my favorite supplies, but I get asked for recommendations every day. I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means to earn fees by linking to Amazon products. (It's such a tiny amount that MAYBE I've gotten myself a couple cups of coffee so far this year. So, this is much more about an easy way to answer all the questions I get for recommendations.)

Whether using my phone or my "real" camera, good tripod is pretty much a must! I have 4 options that all work great at different times. The macro clip-on lens allows me to get those really close videos. Nothing beats natural light but daylight led lamps are a good option for expanding your filming hours. This DuoLamp is nice because you get two lights with just the desk space of one lamp and each arm has 4 brightness settings.

Join the fun with iPad lettering! It's a splurge, but you won't regret it. Plus, if you are doing any lettering as a business, the iPadPro will quickly pay for itself.


Here's a nice white paper, a textured thick paper, a vellum and a ruled notebook. Bottom line is that paper matters. A lot.


Francisco bought me this light pad and I wanted to marry him all over again! I use it in two ways: lay a printed grid under my paper to avoid downhill writing or lay my rough draft under my final layer. Either way, no pencil marks to erase! And speaking of erasing, did you know you can sometimes remove dried ink with a sand eraser? Just be gentle.

| INKS |
I'm not a supply hoarder, but there are a few inks I absolutely love. I carry many of the inks I use in my own shop, but these are the others I like a lot.

A few of my favorites! Although I am more of a dip pen lover, brush pens are so very convenient. I always have a few plus a notebook in my purse!


I'm not a big embosser. You won't see me do it often. But it is a ton of fun and doesn't require much!