kestrel montes

While it is really fun and satisfying to have beautiful things, at the end of the day, it's also important that they work well (I've made the analogy before about shoes and purses - you want them to look good AND work well). 

And, let me tell you, calligraphy is already hard enough; We don't need to be battling with poor ink flow or extra nib snagging because the holder is working against us! The tools should encourage our best efforts and allow us to reach our full potential as artists.

There are multiple pen makers out there making gorgeous holders. Some understand the construction of a pen for calligraphy and others simply make pretty things. I have a holder that I bought before we started making them that is gorgeous but has become a permanent decoration in my desk drawer. Had I known more at that time, I would have sent it back. I just thought my troubles were me not being very good. Oh, well. Live and learn.

How many of you are clicking out of here now to go check all your holders? LOL.

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