FAQ: Is an ink stirrer really needed?

kestrel montes

Umm... Needed? Well, maybe not. I don't actually NEED a microwave either. But I really don't want to bother with reheating leftovers without it!

Magnetic ink stirrers are a life saver for calligraphers! ...BUT... Other stirrers are either ugly or they limit the size of the jar or they need batteries. 

* I wanted a stirrer that plugged in. I didn't want to have to run the to the store in the middle of a project because my batteries died and I was too unorganized to have spares.
* I wanted it to fit any size/shape jar. Some inks come in jars that are already perfect for dipping into so why need to transfer them?
* I wanted it to be pretty on my desk. Yes, I'm superficial like that about my work space.

After a couple of months of looking, I partnered with a scientific lab equipment company to bring this stirrer to calligraphers. I figured that if it was something I wanted, there were probably others who wanted it too.

No more trying to stir with your left hand while you dip with your right. No more quick-separating ink that takes twice as long to use. Now, even the peskiest metallics can be used as easily as sumi ink. Just turn the stirrer to a slow spin and dip right in while it keeps it all moving for you.

Perfect for mixing up Pearlex Pigments, adding gum arabic to your inks, making your own pastel colors (white+Liquified Watercolors by @paintandletters), keeping your metallic inks shimmery, mixing your BPW, and more!!

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