FAQ: What else is a stirrer good for?

kestrel montes

Oh, man! Loads of fun can be had!! I made this pretty pastel lavender by mixing Liquified liquid watercolor into my white ink. I'm loving being able to make my own pastels in a flash! I figured everyone thinks of mixing Pearlex Pigments but you may not think to invent other inks. I know that Ziller and Laura Hooper have some really pretty pastel colors. But I'm impatient. I want to use it now, not next week when it comes in the mail.

Find Liquified liquid watercolors through The Nostalgia Collective. (I tried using cooking food coloring and it worked but I had to use a lot more of it.)

More color ideas:
Blush Pink = white ink + red + a touch of yellow
Mint = white ink + green + a touch of blue
Dove Gray = white ink + sumi ink
Kraft Brown = white ink + walnut ink

Side note: Yes, you can dip right in to the jar while it's on the stirrer. That's the beauty of it! Keep the ink moving while you do your project. And notice how quiet the stirrer is? Really the only sound is if the magnet is rattling against the jar like it was when I didn't have it centered well.

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