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What's so special?

What's so special?

InkMeThis stamps are not your grandma's stamps! That's what one of our customers wrote in a review once. Well, we agree!!

Typical stamps are made with rubber that is either etched or molded. We used to make rubber stamps with the laser engraver. The engraver would remove the excess rubber, leaving only the text or graphic lines raised to make contact with the ink pad and then the paper. You know that whole flip and smack, flip and smack thing. As far as rubber stamps go, laser engraving does a good job. As good as rubber can be... but not great.

Now we do great!! Here's the difference. Instead of using rubber, we now use a micro-porous material that seals when exposed to UV light. How cool is that?! It's basically magic! We print the graphic on velum and then use that printing to block the UV light on the stamp surface. This leaves the material unsealed where the graphic is. Ink is then inserted behind the text plate. You still with me? The ink slowly soaks through the text plate only where the material was unsealed (only where we want it to). This creates a nicer, crisper imprint with much less possibility of smudges. 

Here, just click on "read more" to see the video...